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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Welcome Class 2012/2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome!  The coming semester is packed with some exiting things to learn.  Your course outline is in your hands and truth be told, there wont be enough time to cover all the juicy material we so hungrily fit into your course outline.

Much of our extra reading will be directed to you through this and other learning portals we have discussed to date.  Please embrace these tools for they represent a powerful means with which knowledge in the subject matter shall be acquired.  Do take further note that the world of work awaits people who can scavenge for knowledge and information on their own, thus, embracing these portals and making it a habit of visiting them regularly will reinforce in you the habit of sourcing and identifying information/knowledge points.

I promise to keep this as brief but as informative as possible.  The blog will over and above being our communication point, serve as a pivot to further reading that my inspire and challenge you to seek more exciting, creative and innovative ideas on the World Wide Web.

Good luck and I wish you all a very eventful Class!

Thaba J
Lecturer - Entrepreneurship Skills

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