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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Registering on EDMODO 2012/2013

Hi guys,

Here are your registration codes onto EDMODO a microblogging platform we shall be using for handouts and open discussions.

First visit  You will have to sign up first as a student .  (note the difference between sign in and sign up!) You will then sign in once your registration as a student has been confirmed.

Pay close attention as well that there are two groups who will be using that blog.  The BMOAM group and the CSEMEEE group.  Here are the group codes you will need to log in:
a) The BMOAM  code is cnyp7x
b) the CSEMEEE code is uhjzfc

If you need further clarification please let me know.  This may actually be an excellent topic to start commenting and helping each other on.  Do put up your comments here if you experience any problems registering with me at EDMODO.

One last comment on this here issue of registrations, use your student numbers and surname as always requested.

Hope you  have as much fun as the previous groups did!

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