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Sunday, 1 April 2012


April has been set aside as an exciting month for meeting and interacting with "living" proof that entrepreneurship does indeed exist  in our little country Lesotho.

An exciting list/schedule has been set up for visiting individuals who will come at different times that will later be announced.  Visiting lecturers have been secured in the following topics:

1. Student Entrepreneurship
2. Innovation in Africa
3. Starting an entrepreneurial venture (not a small business)
4. Managing and growing an on-going venture
5. Raising capital

You are encouraged to suggest any other areas of interest, and if we can, we shall secure a person to speak in that area.  Please also feel free to suggest any other person that you think should be invited to participate in this series of seminars.

Whilst all care will be taken to ensure that the presentation times for the seminars be at convenient times, please be aware that given the nature of the jobs our visitors do, some seminars will be held at inconvenient times and days for some of you.

All students, regardless of the module they are doing (Business Planning Module and Theory Module) are welcome to attend these seminars.